Bank holiday weekend with friends!

My weekend started off early, on Thursday night, with my boyfriend. We had the house to ourselves, which I always love because it feels like we have our own place. Jack brought me some beautiful flowers


We had a carpet picnic, watched netflix and made pulled pork burgers on brioche buns which were delish (which were deffo worth waiting till 9.30pm for!!).

Yesterday, for bank holiday Monday, we had a BBQ with friends and family. The day was great, the sun was out, we listened to sing-a-long music all day and even toasted marshmallows once it got cooler in the evening. I started taking some photos with my old camera again and realized how much I love and miss using my camera.

Here is Max,


Max is Jack’s dog and he’s a springer spaniel-border collie cross. He’s also the sweetest dog I’ve ever known!!



Adapting to changes

So a few weeks ago I got my A Level results and although I am proud of my grades, they just weren’t as good as what everyone had expected. This means I will not be going to university this year to study Industrial Design and will instead be getting a job and resitting A Level maths. Although I was disappointed at first, as was expected, I am now feeling very hopeful for what this year will bring for me! I can learn to drive, make new friends and perhaps even rent my first flat – this year doesn’t sound too scary after all!