August Favorites!


Favorite Makeup and Beauty

Recently I’ve been loving the brand ‘NYX’. I’ve tried 2 different NYX eyebrow pencils from there this month, the first one being the micro brow pencil in ash brown (RRP £7).


I would give this pencil a 4.5/5. I like the colour, it wasn’t orangey at all which is hard to come by in an highstreet brand pencil, it didn’t require sharpening as it has a twist-up mechanism, it has a spoolie on one end to brush through the product and the nib is incredibly small and fine so you can create the look of small, realistic hairs. However, the only downfall to this product was that it ran out after 2 weeks and when it got to the end of the product the nib kept on falling out which was incredibly annoying.

The other brow product I tried from NYX is the Auto Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown (RRP £5).


I’d give this one a 4/5. This pencil is very much similar to the last but it has a larger flatter nib, which I actually prefer, although they don’t do ash brown in this pencil for some reason and the closest was the dark brown and it is slightly orangey in daylight unfortunately. But for £5 I can’t really complain, I’ve used it pretty much everyday for 3 weeks and it hasn’t ran out yet!

My local boots store has just got a NYX counter however I know that not every drugstore in England stocks NYX yet so I’ll put the links to both of these pencils in here:
microbrow –
Auto-brow –

Favorite Book

My favorite book this month would have to be ‘The Girl on The Train’ by Paula Hawkins. This book is sosososo gripping, after getting a third of the way through the book every spare moment of my time was spent trying to finish it just to find out what had really happened! I don’t usually like crime thriller novels but this really had me gripped from beginning till end, I’ve got a list of friends and family wanting to lend it! I can’t wait for the film to be released this month.

Favorite programs and films

This month I managed to watch all 3 Shrek films for about the millionth time ever, and then to my surprise a 4th Shrek film was suggested on my Netflix which made me so happy as I’d never ever known that a 4th film had been released! I really enjoyed watching them and there’s something about watching favorite childhood films that is so comforting and homely.

I’ve been watching grav3yardgirl on youtube alot this month as well as cutiepiemarzia and pewdiepie. I love gameplay videos on pewdiepie’s channel as well as grav3yardgirl’s video series ‘Does this thing work?’ and of course Marzia’s adorable korean beauty videos and travel vlogs – her trip to Kuala Lumpur has made me want to go back with my boyfriend soso much! >.<

I have also started watching Power on Netlfix as well, this is a seriously addictive program so do not watch if you’re already an incredibly busy person! I’ve watched up to season 2 but now have to wait for my boyfriend to catch up so I’m not tempted to ruin anything for him haha.

Favorite Food


This month I went to the Tavern Co. Restaurant on Penny Lane in Liverpool for brunch with my boyfriend and 2 other friends. We had to wait about 15 minutes to be seated in this quirky restaurant but it was so worth it. When you are seated a waiter will come and serve you with either tea or coffee at your table (like in an american diner), the milk is served in small milk bottles which I thought was a cute touch and service is incredibly quick. Seen as it was 11.30am by the time we ordered we were all starving, and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach, so we ended up ordering 4 American breakfasts: these consisted of 2 rashers of crispy bacon, 2 fried eggs, beans, 2 slices of thick homemade buttered toast, cubed herby potatoes and a side of american pancakes with maple syrup. We also ordered a plate of banoffee pancakes and a plate of blueberry pancakes to share.



To our delight the food only came to £41 for 6 meals, which between 4 of us was very affordable for such a delicious breakfast. The service and food was great, I even noticed that young children had goody bags with toys in to keep them entertained which is a great touch.


tavern 1.PNG


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