My skin has always been some what of a nightmare for me since about the age of 12. I’ve struggled with cystic acne, oily skin and even extremely dry, cracked skin on my face. You name it, my skin has been through it! Over the past year or so I feel like I’ve finally managed to control my skin’s ‘flare-ups’ as much as possible using these products. I want to share these products on my blog in the hope that they might help someone else going through a similar skin nightmare.

Everyday Daytime Routine
whether I’m putting makeup on that day or just sitting in with no makeup on, these are the products I like to use on a daily basis. 

I start my day by wiping my face and neck with a clean, steaming flannel in the shower and then splashing cold water on my face after my shower to close my pores.

I will then use Kiehls Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (£30.86) on a cotton pad to tone my face. This product is great, although slightly pricier, as it does not contain alcohol like many toners, so is great on my combination skin all year round. This is my favourite product in my skincare routine as it is so natural and gentle on the skin and has never made my skin breakout or become overly dry like many products do when I first start using them, plus it smells like sweet herbal tea!


To further close and cleanse my pores I will put Witch targeting clear pore gel (£4.03) on my T-zone. (As you can see mine is well used!!). I have really noticed a difference in my pores since using this and do not get many black heads anymore on my nose, plus it’s incredibly cheap for how well this works. Although, if your skin is prone to being very dry or cracked I would not recommend this step as one of it’s main ingredients is alcohol which is drying on the skin.



I then use a topical treatment from my doctor (called Zineryt) on any spots I currently have or any pre-existing scars.

After this I will start moisturizing. I use No.7 protect and perfect intense day cream (£23.99). I love this as it has SPF 15 which is essential to me (I do not want wrinkles!) and is high enough for here in the UK, it is also hypoallergenic so does not sting my face as some products I’ve previously tried have done although it does have a slight fragrance to it so it may not be great for anyone with really sensitive skin. If you do have sensitive skin then try No.7 dry skin rescue (£16.89) as this does not have any fragrance in it and this is what I use when my skin is extra sensitive and in need of moisture, it is thicker in texture but does not ‘sit’ on top of the skin and does soak in to leave your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom! It does not contain a SPF so do make sure you use an SPF on top of it to prevent wrinkles and skin damage.


This step is optional, but I like to apply an eye cream. I use Roc 5 in 1 under eye cream (£23.95), it’s thick and soaks in quickly and I don’t know about you but that makes me feel like it is really working.



My final daytime step is lips! I use Rodial stemcell super food (£17.00) lip balm. I like this because it plumps my lips as well as moisturising and providing an SPF protection. I usually only apply this if I’m about to apply my makeup. I will put it on before I start my makeup, let it sit and then wipe the excess off before I apply any lip product. This helps lightly exfoliate, prime and plump my lips.



If anyone found this useful then I’d be happy to post my night time routine, what I use when my skin is especially bad as well as the natural remedies and face masks I make at home that have helped me.



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