A/W 16 Makeup Routine


Colder weather, crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice lattes all mean one thing… Autumn is here! Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons by far but for me it means layering on the moisturiser and lip balm in an attempt to save my skin from drying out any further. This means I generally will change up my makeup routine ever so slightly so here are a few of my favourites for the colder months.

Everyday Face makeup


When I’m going to work I don’t like to use up my most expensive makeup but I’ve found some less expensive options which I find work just as well.

The foundation I use is Bourjois’ healthy mix foundation No. 54 Beige (RRP £9.99). This foundation has a lovely dewy finish which is perfect for the colder months when my skin gets drier naturally. The quality of this product, which regularly is in the 3 for 2 offers in Boots, is incredible for the price. It is not patchy or oily and does not go cakey when set with a powder. In fact I have heard before that Bourjois and Chanel are made in the same factory and that Bourjois is the ‘value’ version of Chanel but I don’t know how true this is (if anyone knows let me know in the comments!!). The colours in all Borjouis products are great, nothing too pink or too yellow, however disappointingly they don’t do any shades for those with darker skin. Hopefully they will bring out more colours in the future!

Next I use an under eye concealer, I use Maybelline’s Eraser Eye Concealer  in light (RRP £7.99). This product is no secret to the online beauty community so I won’t go too much into it (there’s millions of reviews on youtube). I find this concealer a perfect match to the Bourjois foundation as they are similar in consistency so when blending my undereye concealer out with a damp beauty blender it does not interfere or make the foundation look anything other than how its supposed to. It covers my dark circles enough for day to day, although my dark circles aren’t really too dark, and gives a naturally highlighted look.

For days where I feel like I need a little contour I use Sleek Contour Palette 095 light (RRP £10.99). For me this product is perfect for my temples and cheekbones but due to the product being quite oily it doesn’t work on my t-zone or under my eyes as when it’s set with powder it goes cakey and creases easily on me personally. I really want to try their highlight palette though, let me know in the comments if you’ve tried that!

Ignore the usage!

To set and powder everything I use Maybelline’s Matte Maker  10 classic ivory (RRP £3.99). I set my undereye and t zone with this using a damp beauty blender like I’d use a loose powder, which is how I’ve got it to work the best and last the longest for me. I love this powder and trust me I’ve tried a fair few horrible, cakey pressed powders from the drugstore, for me this is the best I’ve tried yet!

Going out Face makeup


These are my favourite products when I want a more long-lasting and luxurious evening makeup look.

At the moment my favourite foundation is Dior Star 030 (RRP £32.50). This was actually a gift so I’ve made sure to make it last and use it only for special occasions. It’s perfect for the Autumn and Winter as it has a gold sheen in it (NOT glitter, I hate glitter in foundation) that makes your face look glowy and candelit in all lights. It stays on very well howvever, I’ve had this foundation before in a different shade and the consistency slightly differs from shade to shade so be sure to try this on at a counter before hand to make sure its right for you.

My favourite concealer for undereye ever is Mac Prolongwear Concealer NC20 (RRP £18). I wouldn’t advise this for anyone who suffers from dry undereyes but this will last on you all night long without creasing. It does what is says on the tin and gives amazing coverage. I’d advise testing this in a store before buying a shade as it does oxidise after being worn for about 10 minutes and the colour will change slightly.

To contour I use ABH powder contour palette light to medium (RRP £39.00). This for me is worth every penny, the colour range in them is amazing and there isn’t one colour in the palette I don’t use. I’ve had this for quite a while now and it’s still got half the pans full. Be careful buying this online as a lot of people have made fakes, I’d stick to buying off of beauty bay to ensure you aren’t getting ripped off!

Recently I bought myself with my birthday money the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder (RRP £29.00). I’ve wanted this setting powder for sooo long and finally made the splurge and decided to add it to my collection. I’ve only used it a couple of times but I already can tell that this is a quality product. Bye bye to undereye creasing and makeup rubbing off with this product! I’m so pleased with it and happy with the amount of product you get, however it doesn’t come with a powder puff which would be my only critique but a damp beauty blender works just as well.

Eye Makeup 


I like to keep my eye makeup quite simple most of the time but focus on using lots of earthy tones, burnt oranges and coppers on my eyes to make my blue eyes pop.

My favourite eyeshadow palette is the Cargo Vintage Escape Fall palette (RRP £35.00). It has a perfect mix of matte and shimmer shades which I think is hard to find in a palette. This makes it perfect for travelling as you only have to take this one palette with you.

The best mascara I’ve ever used is Bourjois Volume 1 seconde 61 black (RRP £9.99). I never really like mascaras when they are brand new as I find them too wet to add any volume but I don’t have that problem with this mascara.

For eyeliner I use Collection Waterproof eyeliner (couldn’t find it online). This eyeliner is really good for its cheap price however it does crumble. I’m looking to try a new eyeliner if anyone has any suggestions!



For highlighting my cheeks I keep it fairly simple, using Clinique’s Chubby Stick Shadow 01 beautiful beige (RRP £17.50) on a fluffy brush on my cheekbones, temples, eyes. nose and cupids bow. It’s the perfect shade for my skin.

Sometime I apply blush on to the apples of my cheeks and if I do I use Sleek’s Blush by 3 palette 363 pumpkin (RRP £9.99). I love the shades and in fact I use the orange shade on my crease too if I’m doing a dark brown smokey eye. The pigment in these is amazing for the price and a little goes a long way, their palettes have something for every skin tone too which is great.

sleek blush.PNG




I will only ever wear nude lipstick in the day, for me NYX is the best by far for lip products. I love their colour range and I use NYX soft Matte Lip-cream in CAIRO (RRP £5.50) which is the perfect nude for me. I pair it with Collection’s Lip Liner in a brown shade (can’t find colour online as ran out the other day!).

For night time I will occasionally wear red. When I do I always wear NYX Matte Lipstick MLS08 Pure red. It’s the perfect vibrant red and goes perfect with the NYX mechanical lip liner in MPL09 Ruby. It does smudge slightly but I prefer that than having the lipstick dry my lips out.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post ^.^









This week, on the 6th of October, I celebrated my 19th birthday with my friends and family. (Which is why I’ve been a bit inactive on here the past couple of weeks). I’m not usually one for big parties and feeling like the centre of attention but I went for a lovely meal to a lil cosy italian restaurant called La Tabella near where I live which serves the yummiest food and isn’t too expensive. (This restuarant always reminds me of the restaurant in the film Love Actually that Colin Firth proposes to his love interest Aurelia in; its super sweet and homely feeling).


My day started off opening my cards and presents on my bed with my mum and boyfriend. I was so so lucky, I hadn’t asked for anything this year as I assumed after my 18th the presents stop. I am v lucky and blessed to have gotten what I did.


I don’t want to post too much about my presents because honestly the reason I loved my birthday this year was because I got to spend it with all my family, however I’m so happy to say I’m now the proud owner of a mini Polaroid camera! If anyone is thinking of investing in one of these I can honestly say you will not be disappointing, there’s something so exciting about taking a picture and not being able to edit it or not knowing how it is going to turn out until its fully developed. I’ll probably do a review on this camera once I’ve got used to it and used it a bit more.


My boyfriend also took these next few days off of work to spend with me for my birthday as he had to work last week. He knows how much I love being outside so today he took me to the beach in Crosby near Liverpool and we had a really long walk in the sun and took lots of photos sat on the Iron men’s shoulders (staying on them wasn’t as easy at it may sound). Then we went for the world’s biggest brunch at Moose Cafe in Crosby… yes it really was as delish as it looks.


Tomorrow I think he’s taking me to Wales for a picnic, if the weather is ok again, and then it’s back to work for him.

Talking of work, I’ve also had a couple of interviews in the past few weeks and the day after my birthday I found out I’d got one of them! Which was a lovely late birthday present, I start working as office admin at a solicitors in 2 weeks, I can’t wait!

I think that’s everything that’s happened since my last blog post, thank you for reading!