Mindfulness Monday

As we approach the end of this month it is time for me to set myself 3 new goals for March. I try and do this each month to focus my mind and to help myself feel a sense of achievement, as I am usually a massive procrastinator.

Usually I will set myself 3 easily achievable tasks. What I actually mean by ‘easily achievable’ is that I don’t tend to set too many boundaries on each goal. For instance I won’t say “eat healthy every day this month” or “drink 2 liters of water everyday”as for me this makes the whole process less enjoyable and more stressful which defeats the objective. Obviously everyone is different and therefore should tailor their goals to meet their needs however, personally I think this would make me less likely to actually achieve any of my goals. We all know each day is different and presents different difficulties which would make ‘boundaries’ such as these difficult to stick to on a day-to-day basis. Remember, setting these goals are supposed to motivate you and make you feel good; not make you stressed!


The way I like to plan my goals generally is as follows; 1 of the tasks will be something to better myself, 1 will be something enjoyable i.e: ‘me time’ and the last will be an activity with family or friends. For me this is the balance I need each month to keep myself feeling happy and constantly motivated.  For instance, my 3 goals for February were; 1) start my driving lessons, 2) book a holiday and 3) get prepared for my new job.

My goals will change month on month depending on what I am planning on doing, or how I am feeling at the time. At the moment I am feeling a little less confident about the way I look and also want to work on my fitness (it’s appalling how unfit I am for my age!) so my first goal will be to sign up to the gym so that I can start going to spin classes again. Next I’d like to treat my Mum and Nana on Mother’s day and take them out for a lovely, relaxing breakfast to show them how much they mean to me and for my 3rd goal I’d like to tick something off my bucket list and get a tattoo!

So my goals for March are as follows;
1. Sign up to gym and go to spin classes
2. Spend time with mum and nana on mother’s day
3. Get a tattoo!

I challenge you to do something similar to this yourself in March! You will be surprised how happy and well-rounded it will make you feel. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips for a healthier mind or if you do something similar to this already

You can read further about the effect that accomplishing goals has on our brains here.



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