Sunday blues realness…

The truth is tonight I was hoping on posting the recipe for a chicken & chorizo risotto dish I came up with this week which was delish! But in all honesty I’m not feeling as cheery and positive as I usually do and therefore I feel like making a ‘cheery and positive’ blog post would just feel fake and icky, which are both things I’ve never wanted this space to be about. I mean, everyone has days like this right? Where you just feel worthless over something as fickle and ridiculous as weight, or in my case, weight gain. Now don’t get me wrong I haven’t piled on dozens of pounds, in truthfulness I’ve probably gain a few pounds at most, but it’s more the fact I’ve eaten a lot of indulgent foods this week like pasta, takeaway and chocolate… Ok a lot of chocolate.

I’m extremely fortunate in that food isn’t usually a constant mental battle for me like I know it is for many many people, I genuinely love food and see it as way more than just an energy source. I am also extremely fortunate in that I have a relatively fast metabolism and enjoy eating food without having to go to the gym, but again this just accentuates my self loathing when I have days like this because I end up feeling like even more of a lazy slob who never goes to the gym and enjoys her food way too much. I know I am just having  an ‘I feel sorry for myself’ kinda day like everyone has and that I am soso fortunate to have a life in which I have very few worries, which is why I was wanting to post this on my blog, even if it isn’t my usual content.

It’s ok if you’re having a bad day! Even if your problems aren’t as bad as someone else’s, don’t feel guilty, you are allowed to have bad days – it is what you do with that feeling that counts. For instance I know that the reason I feel the way I do today is because I’ve eaten so many bags of crisps and a whole bar of chocolate today. So, I’ve prepared a healthy breakfast & lunch for tomorrow and I plan on doing 15 minutes toning yoga before bed to make me feel better.

Please comment below how you beat the blues when you’re having a bad day so that we can help everyone who is reading have a better day!




p.s I promise to post that risotto recipe and be back to my positive self in my next post x